Product Management

Prepare to take up a new role

Product Management

Learning objectives

You want…   To prepare key people to take a new role in an agile environment?

We will…       Allow them to understand value management and to build a prioritized backlog.

Target audience

Junior Product Owner

Aspiring Product Owner

Project Manager

Business Analyst

Business Expert


Having completed ``Agile Primer`` training


See below our ``Follow-Up By Our Coaches``

Reference: AP-PMT

Trainer: Agile Partner

Number of participants: From 5 to 12

Type: Private

Price: Contact us

Languages: En / Fr

Duration: 1 day (7 hours)

Follow-Up By Our Coaches

Because learning also requires practice, we recommend that our trainers/coaches provide follow-up support (individual or in group) after the training. Minimum pack of 5 x 0.5 day in the 3 months following the course. EN or FR. Price: 3,750 € excl. VAT


In 1 day, your Product Owner Junior, Aspiring Product Owner, Project Manager, Business-Analyst and Business-Expert will:

– Initialize a Product Backlog (Personas, User Story Mapping and User Story Crafting)

– Manage priorities according to their business value

– Develop and communicate a project schedule (Product Vision).


Our trainers are experienced and passionate practitioners who are also working with different teams as Scrum Master or Agile Coach.

They will be able to get the participants to acquire the expected knowledge from each course but also share their field experience, while adapting to the participants context and answering their specific questions.

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