Introduction to Lean Startup

Discover the concepts

Introduction to Lean Startup

Learning objectives

You want…   To prepare a team to improve its agile project?

We will…      Make you discover the Lean Startup Values and Principles.

Target audience

Suitable for all


No prerequisite

Reference: AP-ILS

Trainer: Agile Partner

Number of participants: From 5 to 12

Type: Private

Price: Contact us

Languages: En / Fr

Duration: 0.5 day (4 hours)

Software Development


In a half-day, our leaders, experts in their fields, allow you to address one of the methodological and technological innovation themes : Lean Startup.

Adopt this continuous innovation method that radically changes the way to develop a new project.

Based on “validated learning” and a number of practices that shorten product development cycles and measure progress, learn what customers really want.
The principle is to start small with products containing only basic functionalities and launch them quickly to test the market reaction and evolve accordingly.


Our trainers are experienced and passionate practitioners who are also working with different teams as Scrum Master or Agile Coach.

They will be able to get the participants to acquire the expected knowledge form each course but also share their field experience, while adapting to the context of the participants and answering their specific questions.

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