Bring your Ideas to Life

Bring your ideas to life

"Life's too short to build something nobody wants"

Ash Maurya

Launch idea

As a product manager, business developer, intrapreneur, entrepreneur…

… You want to

Test selected ideas before releasing them at full scale

Learn how to iterate on your idea towards success

Optimize your investment portfolio by funding your ideas just enough and just-in-time

Design Sprint schema

Design Sprint
(5 days)

Google Venture method for creative problem solving with real customer tests


(a few days)

To validate the problem / solution and the business case


Prototyping and MVP development
(various timespan)

We develop software solutions or we help you do it efficiently, so that you can test it live with real customers, get feedback, learn how to adapt it and make it a success

We help you identify your riskiest assumptions, build just enough to validate them, run experiments, create an adaptive product roadmap, and always stay focussed on what’s most important for your business

Our success metrics: number of experiments, number of customer tests, number of assumptions validated, number of product iterations...

Validate your idea now!

They are talking about…

We worked with Agile Partner to organise and facilitate an innovation day dedicated to our UpLifting Service programme. They did a great job of capturing our needs and built a tailor-made “biz-hackathon” which guided us through the Design Thinking process using a multitude of techniques. The challenge for the 6 teams was to come up with ideas to generate new value for our clients, some of whom were able to join us, providing immediate, invaluable feedback. Three intensive sprints culminated in 6 impressive pitches showing just how effective the method can be

Joanne Marchand, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility
at BNP Paribas Securities Services

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AgileSylvain Chery, co-founder of Agile Partner, entrepreneur, community leader of the Startup Weekend Luxembourg and coach for Luxinnovation Fit4Start program (cycles 3 and 4).

With a team of 12 facilitators, we can help you to facilitate and animate your event.