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Software Craftsmanship

Learning objectives

You want… To understand the role of the development team, its interactions and why it must be a full spectrum team.

You want… To understand the impact of iterative development on our practices.

We will… Identify, explain and illustrate together the main elements that are the foundation of the « Software Craftsmanship Manifesto ».

Target audience

Software developer


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Reference: AP-SC

Trainer: Agile Partner

Number of participants: From 5 to 12

Type: Private

Price: Contact us

Languages: En / Fr

Duration: 1 to 3 days

Software Development


This training will be tailored for your needs, from 1 to 3 days depending on the subjects you want to address.

Our approach is to provide a mix of theory and practice. Attendees will experiment learning by doing, thanks to a lot of activities, code exercises (code katas, coding dojos) and serious games.

The “Software Craftsmanship Journey” will allow you to discover:

  • The role of the team inside an agile environment.
  • The strong relationship between software craftsmanship and agile methodologies.
  • Clean code.
  • Patterns and anti-patterns in OOP.
  • Discover the Testing practices (TDD, BDD).
  • Refactoring techniques and code katas.
  • How to enable continuous learning.
  • And many other things that we do not want to spoil.


Our trainers are experienced and passionate practitioners who are also working with different teams as Scrum Master or Agile Coach.

They will be able to get the participants to acquire the expected knowledge from each course but also share their field experience, while adapting to the participants context and answering their specific questions.

They are talking about…

An excellent training that combines efficiency and fun. A wide range of useful techniques, from basics to advanced, were detailed and patiently explained. I fully recommend this training as well as trainers. Looking forward for another one.

Xavier Pellegrino, Senior Consultant at Lime Consulting SA

Led by quality coaches, you will be able to discover new skills or methods to complete your implementation of agility. Sessions combine pedagogical objectives and playful exercises with elegance. Much more than a training program, it's a unique opportunity to awaken the ``desire to improve`` with developers

Benjamin Klamerek, Software Craftsmanship guild leader at Société Générale Bank and Trust

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