Full Stack Padawan

[Internship] Full Stack Padawan

We are looking for a full stack intern, curious to learn new technologies and motivated by teamwork…


You can tick one or two fields below (more is even better):

You’re looking for experience as a Full Stack developer in Mobile and JavaScript technologies? You have a strong motivation to learn and to go deeper through technologies? You have some basics in one or two of these (more is even better):


Objectif C / Swift


Javascript sur as Angular, React, NodeJS...

So, wanna work with our Jedi’s Council?

What we offer

Exciting and challenging environment with high level of quality and expertise

We do tech events to improve our knowledges

Join a motivated, energetic and funny team

Acquire a solid mobile apps development and integration experience.

Acquire confident in working with large volume of data and different platforms.

Acquire the ability to work in an agile development environment with minimal documentation and process

Join us for our drinks!

We have free coffee!

What you will learn

iOS and/or Android such as Objective C, C, Swift and/or Java,

Android Studio and SDK Tools, Cocoa, Xcode

JavaScript technologies such as Angular, Node JS, React...

MongoDB, elastic search, NoSQL.

MVC patterns.


Agility philosophy with Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban…

What Are You Waiting For? Apply today!

Contract type : Full time training or block release training (min 6 months) .

Studies : min Bac + 3.

Experience : To be passionate.

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